Friday, 16 August 2013

Greasing A Toro Riding Mower 101

To grease a Toro riding mower you need to follow these steps in order-prepare your materials, set the parking brake and take off the key, clean the mower, wipe the fittings and use the grease gun to apply grease, apply grease on the grease fitting inside the steering wheel, apply grease on the fitting near the pivot point of the idler pulley, use the ratchet and socket to take off the spindle covers, clean the grease fitting of the bearing spindles and apply grease and, fasten the covers securely and run the mower for several minutes.
Toro riding mowers are one of the market leaders in the lawnmower industry. One of the reasons behind the popularity of Toro mowers is that they require only routine maintenance. Lubricating the idler and spindle bearings as well as the steering mechanism is key to maintaining your Toro lawnmower. Lubricating these components once every session with the right lithium complex is sufficient. Here are the detailed steps that you need to do when greasing your Toro riding mower:
Gather all of the materials you will need
For greasing your Toro lawnmower, you will need to prepare Lithium grease, a grease gun, rags and a ratchet and socket.
Set the parking brake and take off the key
Apply the parking brake and take away the key to keep your mower from accidentally starting or rolling and endangering lives or property.
You should clean underneath the mower deck often
It is important to clean the lawnmower after every use and before lubricating the components previously mentioned. Refurbishing the Toro mower on time will in effect help it from picking up a variety of contaminants.
Wipe the fittings and use the grease gun to apply grease
The axle grease fittings are kept near the front axle. The axle's barrel fittings, are tapped or screwed into the barrel, which is found near the mower's front part. Wipe the fittings clean using a rag. Once you have wiped the fittings clean, you can apply grease carefully on to each fitting with a grease gun. Continue pumping the lever until grease can be observed coming from the seals.
Apply grease on the grease fitting inside the steering wheel
After turning the steering wheel clockwise, apply grease on the grease fitting. This is discovered adjacent to the right-front steering component. If you make a few more strokes, you should see grease coming out of the seals. Move the wheel in the other direction and then take the grease gun and do the same thing.
Give an application of grease to the fitting that is closest to the fulcrum of the idler pulley
Lower the mower's deck until you reach the lowest setting. The idler pulley is located on the top of the mower deck. The grease fitting is found exactly above the pivot point of the idler. Clean the fitting first before using the grease gun to apply about three or four drops of grease.
Remove the spindle covers using a ratchet and socket
Bearings and spindles are protected by the spindle covers available on both sides of the deck. They also cover the grease fittings. Remove all the covers and put them away carefully so they don't get lost, and use a ratchet and socket to do this.
Make sure the grease fitting is clean before applying grease
Before greasing the two bearing spindles, you need to first clean the grease fittings. Attach the grease gun and pump three or four times for each fitting. Manually, turn the spindle 2-3 times and then put on 3 more pumps worth of grease.
Let the mower run for a few minutes after making sure that the covers are securely in place
Use the ratchet and socket to replace the spindle covers and fasten them securely. For several minutes, operate the lawnmower with its blades engaged. By doing this, it allows the grease to work into the spindle bearings.
Toro mowers have a reputation for being durable. Necessary repairs, proper maintenance, and servicing must be done as necessary to maximize their service life.

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